March 13, 2013  by Matthew Neumann

Your In House Counsel

“We are just too small”


General Counsel. The two words themselves explain the primary implication of the familiar term. Your GC should be your guide for the daily workings of your company as it relates to the rest of the world including your clients, investors, suppliers and even your board of directors.  Is it a luxury your company can not afford? Often insurance recovery amounts are limited and excess liability is sought from the Executives and Directors themselves. Are you really protected from personal liability? Are your house and your children’s future completely secured from this type of attack?

Individuals and smaller companies with an economic and spend-management consciousness are turning to outside attorneys like us to handle due diligence issues, internal employment issues and to document their transactions to avoid conflict, manage risk and ultimately to save money.

No company can grow effectively or implement an exit strategy without a clear and consistent corporate environment with systems, a commonly understood governance structure and transactional policy in place.

We will provide In House Counsel services to your Company on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis.   We provide on demand and on-call advice to your executives.  We will review and recommend systems and draft customized forms of agreement, which if consistently applied, will save your Company in many multiples of the expense and avoid many common pitfalls, lawsuits and bankruptcies along the way.

Finally if you have an “Exit Strategy” for your business the first place the bankers and lawyers will look is at the risk management profile, the corporate compliance and the documented business relationships and transactions that clearly and unquestionably show the state of current affairs and a professional and valuable business operation..